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emilytheslayer in scarletstring

First Craft-along!

Ok! We've been talking about this for a bit, so we're going to give it a try! Since this is the first one, please give us feedback and suggestions if it isn't working, and we'll get it figured out.

Our first theme will be HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN! We're not going to limit it to one of his stories, so you have his entire listing of works to choose from. Your mission is to come up with a project that you can knit, spin, crochet, whatever-else-related-to-fiber-arts-that-I'm-forgetting (we're not so much with the rigid guidelines around here, at least not yet) within the alloted period. I think we're going to try to get on a monthly schedule with these eventually, but for now we're going to start next week, so you have a little time to plan.

So here's how this works: Today is Wednesday the 11th, so next Wednesday, the 18th, you may begin your projects anytime after 12midnight, Wednesday the 18th, Eastern Time (because that's where Cat and I live). I'll make a post here to get things started, if you want to do a project for the CAL, post a comment to that post telling us what yarn/materials you'll be using, the name of the project, and a link to a pattern if there is one. I'll be keeping track of that post and the comments, and as long as you post your cast-on comment BEFORE WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14TH, you will be a part of the CAL. You will then have until 12MIDNIGHT, MAY 13 (EST again) to make a new post to the group with pictures of your completed project. Please include:
Project name and link to pattern if available (Ravelry links are fine)
Yarn used
Any notes or explanations you care to give. The more interesting these are the better. :)

I'll be tagging these as they come in to keep them straight (although I can't quite figure out how to check, can you guys tag your own posts? Let me know and I'll give you a tag to use on the posts if you can.)

SO. That was a lot of words. I'll be going over the main points again in the cast on post but for now, the tl;dr version:

March/April Craft-along!
Theme: the works of Hans Christian Andersen
What: you make something
When: cast on between March 18th and April 15th and post a comment to the Cast On post (not this one) to say you have done so and give relevant information about the project.

Make a new post to the community before May 13th to show your completed project. Your name will be added to a list of finishers, and there will be much rejoicing.

We figure we'll see how this one goes, and in the future we might try to do prizes of some sort (possibly a Cat story!) for coolest project or something like that. :)

Any questions?

OH I ALMOST FORGOT: We do have a Ravelry group now as well, ScarletString, and if you want to have general discussion of the topic and your progress without necessarily making a new post here every time, that would be an excellent use for the group there! I'll make some new threads over there as well.

Yes. Questions now. Or thoughts and discussion about what you might make or what stories will be your inspiration. All of that can go here.


Yes, we can tag our entries. Which tag would you like us to use? May I suggest something simple and short, perhaps one of Anderson's titles, like "EVENTYR, FORTALTE FOR BØRN" or "DAS MÄRCHEN MEINES LEBENS OHNE DICHTUNG" or the fantastic "Fodreise fra Holmens Kanal Til Østpynten af Amager" ;-)
Ha, that would be great, but I think to keep it simpler it will be something like mar/ap09cal. I'll post it in the official cast on post and people can start using it then. :)


Man, and I wanted to see how many folks would actually find a way to type the "slashed o" from the Danish, which, by the way, is also called a "monophthongal close-mid front rounded vowel". How's that for a tag?

Re: Boo-hiss...

Lol, I would be copypasting that symbol and then telling people just to pick it from the list anyway. ;) But you get extra points for trying it!

Mostly the tagging system is all about me being forgetful, so a year from now if I want to see what this CAL had in it, I don't want to have to remember "the one with the Danish words."

Re: Boo-hiss...

Speaking of tagging, what does "fo" stand for?

Re: Boo-hiss...

Finished Object. And WIP is Work in Progress. :)

Edited at 2009-03-12 11:45 am (UTC)

Re: Boo-hiss...

Ahhh...thank you! Good to know!

Re: Boo-hiss...

No problem! People should always question me when I use jargon, because I forget. :)

I love this idea..

and it's a good excuse to go to the library to pick up a collection, since I haven't read any HCA in ages. I'm excited to see what everyone else comes up with :)
Silly question--I started the first few rows (a couple inches' worth) on my CAL project to see if the stitch I was envisioning was going to work with the yarn, but I won't do anything else on it until the 18th (I want to finish a couple of other WIPs anyway). Is that within the bounds of the contest timing?
Oh sure, we don't have prizes for this one so I'm not being super-picky about the cast-on date. Just, you know, don't go crazy with it. :)