Crafting Spouses, Pt. II

As you can see from the subject change, we've got some very talented people here who do many things. Below is a condensed list of who does what and wants what, as provided before. (If you want me to add more info, just comment!)

lyssabard  spins; can give random gifts of spinning, also small knitted items for holidays as she is able
cupenny  crochets, knits, sews small items; would love to give things away randomly
magenta_girl  knits, crochets, and cross-stitches; would love to receive spinning
garnetlocks   knits, free crochets, spins; wants to gift/swap spinning and receive almost everything
weds  knits and spins as she is physically able; would love to randomly gift people
thanate  sews, crochets, needle-felts among other things; might want to receive some handspun in a few months
dragonsflame71   crochets and quilts
sarapada  knits; wants to receive almost everything
caudelac  knits; wants to receive almost everything
catvalente   knits
cleothyla  knits with bead work, cross-stitches

Notably, we've got some spinners wanting to give away yarn and crafters looking to receive it. We've also got a few who want to gift people as the means and mood strike them.

Since we're a group of nine at the most, how do you feel about forming one interconnected family? As someone wants to give something away/swap something, they could put a post up, tagged a certain tag or titled a certain title, and do the deed with the first willing person? Takes some of the randomness out of random gifting, but perhaps once we've exchanged address the little fiber fairies in the group could send things off as they please.

UPDATE 07/06/2010: We've got ten people on the list now, users provided info clarified as requested and simplified a little so's we can see the lay of the land a little more easily. I'll keep updating as requested, but at this point, I think it would be good to turn y'all loose and encourage you to talk to your prospects about doing something together. I think it would be terribly awesome if you posted your swaps/gifts on here and talked about them, but I don't want this to be hemmed in by Rules.

Possible ways to connect to each other:
- replying to comments
- making a post about
     - giving something away
     - wanting a swap-partner
-contacting participants through contact info listed on their user profile

As always, feedback, suggestions, additional information very welcome!

Knitting/Spinning Spouses

So, Cat and I were twittering, and for at least the second time I remember, she says "If only I had a subby boyfriend/girlfriend to make this for! IT IS AWESOME."*  And I'm all "Lol, a lesbian couple runs my favorite yarn/fiber shop, and I keep fantasizing about having a knitting girlfriend." So then she says, "Man, I would love to have one." And I'm like, "Light bulb!"

We can't be alone in this.

If you want a knitting-husband or spinning-wife or crocheting-boyfriend or weaving-girlfriend, someone to whom you can give these things, whatever they are for you, who will love them in ways no one else will-- we do too.

I don't know how this should be run - random gifting, coordinated swapping, kind for kind - but I want this to become a personal connection between fiber-artists. It may be that every relationship will be negotiated by the individuals in it. But if we can get a list of possible participants and their ideas for this partnership, we'll have some wind in our sails, even if we don't know where we're being blown.

*I know you want to know what this is. Marley's Ghost from Knitty Winter 2005.

EDIT: Thanks for the responses so far! I think I'll give people some more time to comment before I try sorting things out - expect an update Saturday afternoon/night unless my dyeing class kicks my butt more than I expect it to.


What have you learned from knitting?

I have to say, four skeins into my first sweater, having knit six skeins worth for all the ripping out I've done, that knitting has taught me quite a bit. How to knit, of course, but also... to let things go. To be unattached. To tease out my true desires.

I've never followed a pattern, per se. I thought I would, with this sweater, but I added buttonholes, and shaping, and nixed drop-stitching the top half in favor of continuing ribbing, and swapped a v-neck for a mock turtle... in short, it's a brand new pattern. And I realize that this is often how I live my life - give me perfectly fine way to do things, and I'll still find my own way to do them, whether it's school or work or play.

What has knitting taught you?
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Scarlet String Contest -- Haiku

Seeing as this is a book group meets yarn folks, I thought I'd start a contest that would require folks to actually go out and get a book. Sort of. However, the upside is that you have the potential to WIN a book, which is always nice!

Contest Rules:

1) Entrants must purchase a contemporary magazine, journal or anthology of Western haiku. Go here for details: http://www.haikuworld.org/mags/  Suggested magazines: Acorn, bottle rockets, frogpond, Mayfly, Modern Haiku, The Heron's Nest anthologies, Red Moon Press anthologies. Collections of zappai or "pseudo-haiku" (witticismswith a 5-7-5 syllable count) are strongly discouraged.

2) Choosing one haiku, entrants must create a piece that reflects the image or images in the haiku.

3) Entrants must "cast on" as a response to this message, clearly identifying the haiku of choice and its author, as well as the source.

4) Finished entries must be posted to scarletstring by Sept 15, 2009 with the tag haikucontest.

5) Entries will be judged on both on visual appeal (does it look good) as well as theme (how closely did you connect to the haiku) and interpretation (how creatively did you interpret the haiku).

6) The winning entry will receive an autographed copy of my book, breaths.

7) Entrants are welcome and encouraged to creatively bend and deviate from these rules, but any such divergence will be taken into consideration when judging commences.

The moderators of scarletstring take no responsibility for this contest. Please address all questions to hooks_and_books, either as a response to this message or in a private message.

Enough with the formal language. I want folks to have fun with this. I know the economy is in the can, and that many people are scrapping by to make ends meet. However, taking into consideration that art is not a luxury, and that poetry especially needs to be supported even more so in times of financial woe, I thought this contest might help support some indie presses and publishers as well as inspire some creative projects. I am looking forward to the results. Let me know if there are any questions, or if I haven't made anything clear.


pattern suggestions?

So say that, hypothetically, you had recently acquired a small ball (just shy of 50 yards) of very miscellaneous textured and beaded yarn. Mostly wool, beautifully slubby, sort of forest colored. And suppose further that, rather than the usual using a bit of it here and another bit there, you wanted to *do something* with this particular yarn rather than mixing it in with other scraps.... what would you do with it?

(I spent rather too long last night flipping through 1 skein/50m or less patterns on Ravelry, and didn't find anything sufficiently inspiring, so I thought I'd ask if anyone else had brilliant ideas.)
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Private Contest?

Okay, so I thought of an idea for a project, and I want to know if it would be okay.

Are we allowed to run "private" contests, in which we offer up a prize, a topic of "inspiration," and judge, because I've got a neat idea.

Knitting in art!

I was just at the last weekend of DC's Artomatic festival, where I encountered an amazing installation by an artist named Rania Hassan, who has created paintings that knit. From what she has to say on her website, it sounds rather as if she would fit right in with the spirit of this community, and as I said, her work is amazing. Go take a look!


corvaxgirl is hosting a charity auction for catvalente and justbeast over at adoptingcat. There are all kinds of fabulous things...

...including at least one person offering to knit an item (a trilobite hat) to order. And it occurred to me that more of us might want to do something similar. Or maybe you have some yarn that you'd be happy to auction off for a good cause?

I'm considering putting up an offer, but I've never done this before, and I'm timid -- and not the fastest knitter in the world! Should I offer a set of wrist-warmers? (I've done lots of those.) Or a knitted nautilus? (Also a free pattern from Knitty.com.) A relatively small piece of lacework?

What kinds of things would work for a charity auction? Have any of you done this before?

Andersen FO, FINALLY

I'm so sorry I haven't been keeping up, guys--it's been a crazy tour.

I finished this in Denver, I remember, when it was still the weather for such warm things. Putting it on for the picture was too hot in June even for a minute!

But--this is The Snow Queen's Diadem. The Snow Queen is my favorite Andersen tale--I even wrote a novel about it, once.

It was a fairly simple pattern, but I loved the dark blue alpaca yarn and it was my first try with circular needles.

One day it will be cold again!